Date: JULY 12 – JULY 15 Time: 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.
“Jesus Christ is Living Water for our Bodies and our Souls”

General Info


What happens at VBS?!?


Each day of VBS includes an opening time which focuses on a different country, a Bible story, a mission story, activities and crafts, recreation and snacks, music, reflection, and a closing time. 












What will children learn?!? 

Water All Around the World is designed to enable children to understand the importance of access to
clean water for health, and to make them aware of the  way in which this access (or lack of access!) affects the lives of children in other countries. It also teaches the value of water in our own lives and encourages conservative use. This material can simply raise awareness in children of the world’s great need for access to safe water, or it may educate a church
preparing to send a Living Waters team on an international mission trip.


How is it applied in mission?!? 

Believing Jesus Christ to be living water for our bodies and our souls, we are called to serve people of the world who need safe drinking water.

Living Waters for the World
provides training and equipment to establish water purification systems throughout the world, in
partnership with the communities in need of safe water.

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