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Vision 2020

Vision Discernment & Mission Planning

In July of 2015, the Chairs of the Administration Ministry of Session met with Pastor Steve Wilkins regarding a need to formulate a long-range plan that would provide the church with focus and direction in its ministry for years to come.  After presenting the idea to Session, the Administration Ministry began to assemble a team to help lead the congregation in a process of discernment of the vision of what God is calling us to be at GPC as well as how we can fulfill that vision through our mission.

The work on Vision 2020 continues and we have grown as a faith community enabling us to become a more vibrant and engaged congregation.  Click the Vision 2020 button to read the full report.

The Vision of Georgetown Presbyterian Church


Georgetown Presbyterian Church is a community of faith bound and driven by the love of Jesus Christ, called to nurture discipleship and share Christ’s love with all people.


The Mission of Georgetown Presbyterian Church


In order to full fill our vision faithful, we must do the following:


  • Seek to foster a vibrant community of faith that shares God’s grace with all generations through uplifting worship and music, meaningful fellowship, and mutual care of one another;

  • Challenge each other to grow in commitment and involvement by providing wide-ranging opportunities for spiritual growth;

  • Reaching out beyond our doors by serving and providing resources to all God’s people in an ever-changing world.

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